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  • Retendo - Journey to E3
Title: Retendo - Journey to E3
Rated: PG
Summary: This is my first attempt at making a comic! I drew this during a comicbook-lockdown at my college. What we had to do was make a full 24 page in 24 hours. Well...I made it to 12 ^_^;. I didn't plan this at all, so bare with me on this. Best thing to do is just not ask questions. What was suppost to happen was that Rhapsody and myself were going to arrive at E3, but I didn't get that far.

The drawings are very sketchy cause I thought I would clean it up and ink it eventually. Note that I misspelled the title on the cover (i just noticed that today). I also added the uncensored version of the last page. Enjoy!
Mediums: Pencil and Paper