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  • Training Begins
Title: Training Begins
Rated: G
Summary: Mountain top training grounds...check. Heavy sword...double check. Stairs...priceless?

Anywho, let the training begin!
Mediums: Pencil and Paper
  • Sally-Sketch
Title: Sally-Sketch
Rated: G
Summary: I was in a meeting at work yesterday, and I ended up drawing this. I really should upload a bunch of my notebook sketches in here...some day.
Mediums: Pen & Paper
  • Truck?!?
Title: Truck?!?
Rated: G
Summary: Then...a quick turn of the head...and WHAAMMMM! Classic.
Mediums: Pen & Paper
  • Konata - Pool Side
Title: Konata - Pool Side
Rated: G
Summary: OMG, if you haven't watched Lucky Star yet...DO IT! It even beat out Azumanga Daioh as my favoriate anime. Anywho, here is Konata relaxing in a pool. I should of given her the school bathing suit she wore on the show ^_^;....but I forgot.
Mediums: Pecil & Paper
  • Hyper Kitty Force GO!
Title: Hyper Kitty Force GO!
Rated: G
Summary: The one and only pic I drew at Otakon '06, but I love it! The title is inspired by Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!
Mediums: Pecil & Paper
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