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  • Tina
Title: Tina
Rated: G
Summary: Here's Tina! I came up with her at AnimeNEXT '05. Ain't she a cutie?
Mediums: Pecil & Paper, Flash
  • Paws Up!
Title: Paws Up!
Rated: G
Summary: Another pic I redid in flash. It's just...too....darn...cute ^_^;
Mediums: Pecil & Paper, Flash
  • Lickin' Pop
Title: Lickin' Pop
Rated: PG
Summary: I took the original sketch of this pic and redrew it in flash! I I like.
Mediums: Pecil & Paper, Flash
  • Peril Standin'
Title: Peril Standin'
Rated: G
Summary: My new character, Pearl! I actually sketched this out 2 years ago, but I just never got around to ink it. Well, she's finally done!
Mediums: Pecil & Paper, Ink
  • Rhapsody Cute
Title: Rhapsody Cute
Rated: G
Summary: Rhapsody is standing around in a cute mood. I drew this from a sketch I did in my History of Jazz notebook. All inked and pretty just for you! And don't pick on me, I got lazy and didn't draw her legs.
Mediums: Pecil & Paper, Ink
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