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  • Rhapsody Pull
Title: Rhapsody Pull
Rated: G
Summary: For some reason, everyone loves this pic, so I had to ink it ^_^. This is also used as my preloader screen in Cookie Run! Ooo...and they cool is that????
Mediums: Pecil & Paper, Flash
  • Rhapsody Winks
Title: Rhapsody Winks
Rated: G
Summary: As Katsucon 2004 came to a close, I wanted Rhapsody to sum up my weekend. Apparently, it wasn't that bad ^_^;. You get a thumbs up, Katsucon!
Mediums: Pecil & Paper, Ink
  • Muffin Dreams
Title: Muffin Dreams
Rated: G
Summary: Your's truly is dreaming about muffins! I like muffins. Anywho, I drew this at Katsucon 2004. Needless to say, I got my muffin!
Mediums: Pecil & Paper, Ink
  • Super Cute
Title: Super Cute
Rated: G
Summary: The best drawing I made at Anthrocon 2003! This was originally a pencil drawing, but when I got back home, I decided to ink it. This has got to be my best ink work yet! Enjoy.
Mediums: Pecil & Paper, Ink
  • Nikki Cat
Title: Nikki Cat
Rated: G
Summary: This pic I drew for my ex-g/f, Nikki. She wanted to be drawn as a kitty, so this is what I came up with. Again, another picture where I forgot the ears. ^_^;
Mediums: Pecil & Paper, Ink
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