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Flash, Life, and even...more FLASH!

April 07, 2007 |  Comments
I'm back! Yes, just about 2 years from my last update (and a very long web space usage bill) has gotten me off my duff for some updates! Well, lets start off with how life has been treating little ol' me:
  • I quit CompUSA in November and got a awesome job doing website/flash design work at a company called SGW - Integrated Marketing Communications (yay!). Everyone there is really nice, and I've been learning a lot. Heck, I've learned how to use Visual Studio 2005, CSS, some .Net, and I've been pumping out some really cool Flash animations for them. I couldn't ask for a better job right now ^_^!
  • I got a new apartment with my new step-bro, Ian (who has been a life-long friend's weird, I know) and our dog Aiden. He's a Shiba Inu, which kinda looks like a fox, actually, come to think of it, he does sorta look like my avatar...freaky!
  • I've been trying to live life to it's fullest lately. Going hiking, building snow forts, nice long walks, drives along country highways, the works. I've just been trying to take in the world and all that it has to offer. I can't wait for some more warm spring days! I sooooooo wanna go to the beach, or go to the plunge pool for some cliff diving and swimming ^_^!
So, that's the rundown of how I've been spending most of my time. Now comes the fun stuff....ACTUAL CONTENT!:
  • I'm adding a link to my MySpace account. Yes, I know, I fell into the "you gotta get MySpace!" trap. (at least I'm not addicted to THAT'll kill ya!)
  • I have about 4 or 5 Flash animations that I'm going to post today in my Animations section. Most of which I did during college. The one I'm really proud of is my Birthday Card animation ^_^! It's just too adorable. And yes, that's my voice.
  • Ok, here's the low-down on Cookie Run! I put it on hold because I felt like the animation wasn't up to the standard I wanna set for myself. When I began it, it was for my senior year final, and I wanted it to be my first 5-6 min Flash cartoon. Well, this was when I just began animating characters, and my drawing skills really weren't up to snuff yet. Not only that, but I primarily use the line tool to do most of the outlines, so it takes FOREVER to get just one cell done (I don't own a decent Wacom tablet...but at least this way, the lines are smooth and consistant). But, as you can see from my Birthday Card cartoon, I have been getting better, so I hope to pick up this project again!
Don't ya just LOVE getting to know the artist behind the madness? Well, I guess in this case...cute madness. Anywho, I hope you enjoy my little update. The next thing on my list of life achievingness, is to find a sweet, wonderful gal to call my own! Wish me luck ^_^!

P.S. My B-day was on Wednesday! I'm 25 baby! Hmm...I wonder if I can collect social security yet...
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