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MAGFest? Katsucon? Yes, Please!

March 01, 2012 |  Comments
Hi all! Well, the past 2 months have been really exciting. Wanna know what happened? I'll tell you!

MAGFest LogoOk, so first off, I went to MAGFest X (a music and gaming convention) with some of my friends from college. This was my first time I went to this con, but it was set at the Gaylord National Hotel and Convention Center, which I've been to for the past few years for Katsucon.

The game room there was amazing. Dozens of arcade cabinets, lots of console games, and it was 24-hrs to boot! There were a few tournaments going on during the con, some of which I decided to sit in on. I did become the Ice Cold Beer champion for the weekend! Love that game. I also made it into the semi-finals for the "Video Game - Name That Tune."

After each tournament, they handed me some weird tokens which looked like smash balls with a number on them. I didn't find out until the next day that they worked as MAGFest bucks. So, yeah, I won about $50 in fun money. It was well spent in the dealers room, and I walked away from the weekend with a few posters, art pieces, and my very own copy of Legacy of the Wizard

Some of the other highlights was that I met most of the crew from, and a few other celebs, like Ellen McLain (GLaDOS from Portal), and Jon St. John (Duke Nukem). Funny thing with Jon St. John, I got him to prank call my girlfriend! Watch the hilarity ensue here!

Oh, and the concert by Nobuo Uematsu and his Earthbound Papas was great! So yeah, I'll be going back to MAGFest. 

Katsucon LogoThen, after a long month, Katsucon 18 ran up to greet me! This trip was the standard anime con fair. Lots of cosplay, lots of full panels, and plenty of anime viewing to go around! The game room was really lacking, and it was right next to the rave, but I made due. I did manage to make 2nd place in a retro game tournament Saturday night that started off with about 40 people. That was my personal highlight of the weekend.

The rest of the weekend was mostly spent with my friends. We drank, stumbled around the con for a bit, drank more, made lots of noise in the hallways, and so on. Ah, good times. I love seeing everyone during cons. Kick back, cut loose and make new friends!

Now there will be a long break until Otakon, but I'll try to keep busy. My sister got engaged, and two couples I know are getting married in April. So congrats to them! Back to work with me.
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